2- Needle, 3/4 Thread Overlock Sewing Machine is ready to go!

  I am showing the cleaning process of the overlock sewing machine. Opening the looper cover, you will see the dirt inside the machine. Secondly, use the little brush and compressed air to clean the dust. Be careful in the process, the parts are delicate. Then close the looper cover. Finished!

VFL got an Instagram Account!

Happy Monday!   VFL got an instagram account!  Max will be managing it, and is looking forward to posting any and all photos that you guys send along!  This can be anything that might be experimental, tech, product, or just plain old cool! We kicked off the start of the VFL Insta Account with a […]

Forstner Bit Tip

Putting holes in things is one of more common practices used by students at the VFL. Today’s tip is about using the Forstner bits, which allows for the drilling of precise, flat bottom holes in wood, regardless of grain direction. An issues that you may run into is where wood being removed jams up in the […]

[Jig] for Finger Joint with Eden Lew

Eden Lew of Products of Design and I made a finger joint jig. We used VFL’s Dado Blade set and the miter gauge on the table saw. After careful measurements and minute calibrations Eden was able to make perfect fitting finger joints. Here are some photos:

How to used the Spray booth!!

This year the spray booth is up and running! Which means you can safely spray paint almost anything! Find or make something you wish to spray paint. Pick it up! Walk down the hallway past the Digi Fab Lab. Stop on the way to get some eyewear.  Round the corner and put on a mask […]

Using / Recycling Excess Lasercutting Material

You spend a lot of money of materials—why not get the most out of them? Why not pull scraps from the material pile? A huge deterrent could be the oddly shaped or overused pieces.   RECYCLING SCRAPS: 1. Put the objects in your .AI file as closely together as possible, without overlapping the route of the laser. […]

New Roland Printer/Cutter Physical Pricing Chart!

Every wonder how much one of the various materials costs that the VFL stocks? Of course you do! Well, you can find a full list of all materials here: http://vfl.sva.edu/materials But! If you are using the Roland Printer/Cutter you can now quickly and easily find out how much your print will cost without looking at a computer or […]

Tak’s Nerd Derby at the Maker Fair [final]

World Maker Faire in NYC ended last weekend. Here’s a recap with photos and things I’ve learned from our third year there. First, a little history to put things in context: Nerdy Derby first debut at World Maker Faire, NYC 2012 when I was still a student at ITP, NYU. We wanted to design an […]

Shapeways 3D Printing Workshop – October 1st, 5:00pm

The Visible Futures Lab will be hosting a Shapeways 3D Printing Workshop on Wednesday October 1st at 5:00pm. Join us as we learn easy 3D design tools and check out 3D printing materials from plastic to platinum. There will be free goodies and attendees will receive 10% off all 3D prints from Shapeways! Wednesday October […]