Tak’s Nerd Derby at the Maker Fair Part 2!!!

I thought it would be a nice follow up to the previous post by Luke, with some photos of Tak’s project at Maker Fair. Lots of fabrication done at the VLF including using the vinyl printer/cutter to make those note labels. It was fantastic and an incredibly fun interactive experience.

Tak’s Nerdy Derby at the Maker Fair!

Have you been wondering what tha heck that plywood and metal tube contraption is that has been sitting in the VFL for the past few weeks? Well, nows the time to figure it out. VFL’s Tak will be hanging out at the Maker Fair this weekend in Queens showing off his newest creation for the Nerdy […]

Lunch Sack Prototype

Eden Lew made a lunch sack prototype today, it creates a space for people enjoy their lunch without distraction. Eden Lew is the first year graduate student from Products of Design this project is an assignment from the program’s Affirming Artifacts class taught by Allan Chochinov.

Bigger than bigger!

Boris and Max got their hands on the new iPhone 6…the Makerbot version! This blog post will help you walk through how to upload and work the controls of the MakerBot Replicator2 in the Digifab Room. Open your file via the “Add” button on the top of the screen. Once you’ve loaded it up, and the […]

Cutting with the Vinyl Cutter/Printer

  Today we got to help Mr. Cup from MFA Illustration use the Roland Vinyl Cutter and Printer to cut out some Red and Black Vinyl for an upcoming show he is presenting in the Gramercy Building. The first step is to have you files uploaded on the computer by the door. Next open your […]

CNC Artwork

Beautiful patterns generated by Gcode guided CNC machining in a radial path, Artist in Residence Wyna Liu and David Lobser are experimenting in the realm of “complexity from simplicity”. If you bump into them in the shop, be sure to take a peak at their latest work! Wyna documenting CNC process. Some of the results […]

Laser Beam Clean

Ever wonder how all that brown and black gunk disappears from every corner and crevice of the two laser machines? Well, I do cause its all over my hands right now. Let me take you on a quick journey of how to clean the lasers… Start by vacuuming all the lose bits out of the […]

How to remove solder using a “solder sucker”

Solder is messy, that’s just a quality of the material. If you find yourself needing to remove spare solder (or the entire connection in general) follow the few steps below: 1. Gather all materials – you will need a soldering iron, solder sucker, soldering clamp, and the piece you want desoldered. 2. Begin by heating […]

[Tutorial] How to Make An Embroidery Pattern (Part 2)

Hi, let’s continue our black cat pattern!   Step 7,   To obtain the best quality embroidery, it is important to use stabilizers(backing). In this example, we opted to use tear-away stabilizer on a M2 hoop.   Step 8, Insert the hoop into the embroidery machine making sure the arrows on the hoop are facing up and […]

Formech 508DT Vacuum Forming Workshop with Tak (and Max)!

Tak and Max did an awesome workshop on how to use the Formech 508DT (Vacuum Forming Machine) in the VFL.  While this machine has a lot of trial and error involved, there are some key details to remember when trying it out and getting the shape you are looking for.  Since this was simply a […]