John T Heida held Rhinoceros Workshop in VFL

John T Heida who is VFL digital fabrication specialist, held a Rhinoceros workshop during 6pm- 9pm every Friday.   John has worked as an architectural, product, and furniture designer on a variety of complex and high profile projects, including the PS1 Young Architects Competition (Summer Warm-Up). Concurrent with his design work, John also teaches software, architectural design […]

Behind the Scenes: Affirming Artifacts Exhibition

The Affirming Artifacts Exhibition by the first years (3rd Generation) of MFA Products of Design will be extended for another week! Be sure to come check it out in the gallery space between the VFL and PoD at 136 West 21st St. 7th Floor Galllery. For a little more info on the exhibit, visit here. […]

The Hand Bender has a new Label and Organization

I have solved the problem of the hand bender being unrecognizable!  Now it has a clear label, an advisory of how to return it, and all the  parts are happily in  their places. No label, so hard to find… This is NOT how the bender and its parts should be put away. These are all […]

Vinyl Adhesive with the MFA Design Gals!

Today we worked with a couple ladies from the MFA Design today on some Vinyl Adhesive Sign concepts. Here are some great shots of us using the adhesive transfer tape and applying the vinyl adhesive printed letters to the clear acrylic.                       First, you want […]


Even notice that blue lever thing sitting on top of the cabinet in the back of the VFL? Of course you have. But maybe you didnt know what it was. Well, Im here to inform you. Its the grommet machine and here is how you use it:         

How to Antiquate Metals

Supplies: Jax Brand Chemical Darkener Metal Empty bowl Q-tips / Rag   Directions: 1. Place your metal you wish to have darkened on a cloth or paper towel, as the chemical tends to get messy. 2. Pour a small amount of Jax solution into the empty bowl and, using a q-tip or other preferred means […]

Affirming Artifacts Gallery Show NOW OPEN

The Products of Design first years have put together a gallery show for their Affirming Artifacts course with Allan Chochinov. The seven week course moved students from creating products to services to platforms all based on the redesign of a piece of trash. Because so much work was produced in 7 weeks, we chose everyone’s best […]

Fun with the Button Maker. Thanks DSI

Design for Social Inovation has a button maker!  Its super cool.  Products of Design has a project about Not Voting they are doing on the 4th of November, which is the day of the primary election.  Check out the buttons they made, and get out there and Don’t Vote! Click the gif below!    

Gettin Spooky in the VFL!

Hey, did you know its Halloween! Of course you did. But its not too late to make a costume for whatever shenanigans who may be participating in tonight! So come on down and make a sexy ______ costume before day turns into night and the costume police come out to ticket you for your toilet paper mummy […]

Keeping the studio clean!

Hey guys!  Great job so far keeping the studio clean this semester! Just as a reminder, lets keep the scrap bin clear of anything unusable.  As you all know, we are here to prototype and learn and if you think a scrap piece isn’t usable for someone else, TOSS IT IN THE TRASH!     […]