Introducing our newest Artist in Residence…

Come meet Melissa F. Clarke, the Visible Futures Lab’s new Artist in Residence this Friday at 6:30pm.  Melissa will be presenting her proposal for the Residency along with discussing past work. About Melissa: Melissa F. Clarke is a Brooklyn based interdisciplinary artist whose work employs data and generative self-programmed compositional environments. Melissa is an educator, curator, and […]

Shape the Future with the VFL! We’re Hiring!

The Visible Futures Lab is hiring! We are looking to hire 2 new staff members to join our team! _____________________________________________________________________________ Full Time Night Lab Manager –  Manage daily operations of the Visible Futures Lab Hours: 4pm to 11pm Mon – Fri QUALIFICATIONS: • College degree in technology or design based fields • Minimum 3 years of […]

Enroll now for our Fall Continuing Ed Classes!

Our popular and inexpensive classes are back at the Lab and with two different sessions this Fall, you’re sure to find something that fits your schedule!. Learn Arduino in our Physical Computing class! Conceptualize your designs in our Rhino 3D software class! Get your hands on our shop and digital fabrication tools in our Traditional […]

rgb led control with multiple sensors – physical computing

I’m interested in controlling color fields with different sensor inputs. To get started in this direction, I took three different sensors (force sensor, soft potentiometer, potentiometer) and sent them through my Arduino’s analog inputs. I mapped their different input values to 0-255 and assigned each sensor’s values to the red, green, or blue (rgb) control […]

Enroll Now!!!

Our Fall courses are online!  Enroll today! This Fall we are offering courses in Physical Computing, Rhino 3d Software, Prototyping and Prototyping: Food Sculptures!   Click here for Details and Registration! 

rgb control, and processing communication (seperate!)

Two weeks ago I spent time playing with and learning about the flex sensor, as a means to control rgb LEDs – I haven’t gotten it just right yet, because it requires some mapping that I couldn’t get right on last pass… but I think that I could control RGB LEDS even easier with three […]

Playing with brightness and sensors

I wasn’t in class last week but figured out making a dimmer with a Potentiometer, and coded the brightness control by duration of button press – mostly played with different durations.

Traffic light

I looked around for interesting beginner applications and decided to try making a traffic light. The sequence worked fine, but I wanted to then add a button so that a user could turn the green light on when necessary – but ran into some trouble with the red LED staying on, will keep working on it till […]


I followed the book and used the sketch to keep on the led after a button press. Then, I added a random integer to serve as a counter that, when reached, would trigger the led. New drinking game?? I haven’t, however, figured out how to change the random integer within the loop and keep the led on […]