Wire Organizer

On Friday, Leif and I made a simple box for organizing the wires in the electronics cabinet! First we created a simple open top box from plywood with dimensions to fit the shelf. We used the Biscuit Jointer to have edges without nail or screw holes. After gluing up the box, we cut down 6 […]

Good Wood VS Bad Wood at the VFL

Here at the VFL we love sharing unused materials, and the scrap piles have consistently proven to be the go-to spot for many projects. This is how we distinguish the reusable materials from the unusable: USABLE:    UNUSABLE: THROW AWAY anything with multiple holes, odd or no right angles, screws / nails, or wood glue […]

Sound Steps!

Chelsea Stewart and I used the VFL and all its facilities to create a sound installation for Becky Stern’s Making Studio (a Products of Design class)!   And click here for an Instructables Link! We used a Bare Conductive Touch Board, conductive fabric, wires and some basic framing/MDF materials to create this!    

Printing Metallic Inks With the Roland Printer/Plotter

Hey there! Remember you can print all sorts of metallic colors using that big machine in the corner of the room called the Roland Wide-Format Printer/Cutter. Just remember to open the “Roland Metallic Color” swatch library in illustrator when you are adjusting your file. And pick whatever color you want! Then print!       […]

Making Studio PoD Winter Face Mask

Jon Lung is working on a winter face mask for PoD’s Making Studio final project. The mask will incorporate vents fans into the face plate to remove any condensation that may form due to the difference in temperature between the inside and outside of the visor. Before all that magic happens, he’ll need a base […]

John T Heida held Rhinoceros Workshop in VFL

John T Heida who is VFL digital fabrication specialist, held a Rhinoceros workshop during 6pm- 9pm every Friday.   John has worked as an architectural, product, and furniture designer on a variety of complex and high profile projects, including the PS1 Young Architects Competition (Summer Warm-Up). Concurrent with his design work, John also teaches software, architectural design […]

Behind the Scenes: Affirming Artifacts Exhibition

The Affirming Artifacts Exhibition by the first years (3rd Generation) of MFA Products of Design will be extended for another week! Be sure to come check it out in the gallery space between the VFL and PoD at 136 West 21st St. 7th Floor Galllery. For a little more info on the exhibit, visit here. […]

The Hand Bender has a new Label and Organization

I have solved the problem of the hand bender being unrecognizable!  Now it has a clear label, an advisory of how to return it, and all the  parts are happily in  their places. No label, so hard to find… This is NOT how the bender and its parts should be put away. These are all […]