EL Wire + Laser Cutter

Yoav Friedlander from MFA Photography used the laser cutter and some EL wire to make a beautiful piece of typography! He cut a template of the word “Non Site” out of clear acrylic and threaded red EL wire through holes in the guide. It looks like a mini neon sign! So great!  

Register Now – VFL Summer Courses

The VFL will be offering three courses this summer: – Rhino Software Intensive for Beginners with John Heida – Prototyping with Traditional and Digital Fabrication Tools with Tak Cheung – Introduction to Physical Computing with Boris Klompus   Information about each course and links to register can be found here. Space is limited. Register early!

Friday March 13th, 5:00pm – Olalekan Jeyifous – Artist in Residence Presentation

Friday, March 13th 5:00pm The Visible Futures Lab is proud to introduce out latest artist in residence, Olalekan Jeyifous. Olalekan creates hand drawings, digital illustrations and architectural constructs that are strongly rooted in “borrowed and invented narratives”. More often than not these narratives explore dystopian interventions into urban spaces, in ways that communicate their participation […]

Making Glitter Boxes

Today I had the opportunity to help my friend from Glitter and Company  introduce a little digital fabrication into his production methods.  Before introducing him to the laser cutter he was buying the boxes and sticking on the letters by hand.  Now he will be able to make more Emergency Glitter Boxes for those who suffer from […]

Getting Your Files onto the VFL Z:// Transfer Drive

You have this amazing project you want to have made in the VFL on one of our many, amazing machines. You try getting it onto our computers, but transferring via email and usb drive is a pain. Put your files on the VFL’s Z:// Drive—it’s the easy way of transferring your files to our maker […]

A Wood Plate Using Lathe Machine

         The pictures above show the preparing process. To make a wood plate, you will need to measure a circle and cut the extra material out. Then screw the metal parts onto the wood and attach them to the lathe machine. The lathe chisels have different sizes and functions, make sure you choose the right […]

VFL Gallery is getting ready!

        VFL Gallery is presenting works from Products of Design second year students. The work is focused on designing smart home monitors. The goal of the work is to create a brand includes objects, packages and ecosystems. The variety of design is from baby monitor to home air monitor. The POD students are […]

The Power of the Roland

An incredible machine/robot needs maintenance!  Every week we clean the Roland printer.  There is an amazing amount of different ways to use the machine but here, I wanted to show the cleaning process for the metallic cartridges.  With the metallic cartridges you can print with a layering to include color, or just the metallic ink, […]

How to Run the SawStop in Bypass Mode

  How to Run the SawStop in Bypass Mode 1. Flip the Power Switch to “ON” 2. Turn the bypass key on the right side of the control unit. 3. The second light will blink red once. Do not release key. 4. With the key still turned, pull the red “START” switch outwards. 5. The […]