Gettin Spooky in the VFL!

Hey, did you know its Halloween! Of course you did. But its not too late to make a costume for whatever shenanigans who may be participating in tonight! So come on down and make a sexy ______ costume before day turns into night and the costume police come out to ticket you for your toilet paper mummy […]

Keeping the studio clean!

Hey guys!  Great job so far keeping the studio clean this semester! Just as a reminder, lets keep the scrap bin clear of anything unusable.  As you all know, we are here to prototype and learn and if you think a scrap piece isn’t usable for someone else, TOSS IT IN THE TRASH!     […]


  VFL Gallery Opening on Nov. 3rd of Affirming Artifacts course of Products of Design Department.  Affirming Artifacts is a course that quickly immerses the designer into navigating the design criteria of purpose, appropriateness, and fit.  The objectives of this course are to provide a fast-track approach to finding the most impactful, clear, and optimistic design […]

Vacuum Forming Acrylic

Panisa Khunpraset of Products of Design tested the limits of the VFL’s vacuum former last week! For her Affirming Artifacts project, she designed these beautiful vases for storing vegetables in water called Bio Vessels. According to sources, this is the first time anyone has tried acrylic on our vacuum former.

Loading Paper into the Roland Printer/Cutter

Did you know that you can print on paper, vinyl, and canvas on that big Roland machine in the corner of the VFL!? Well, you can. Always ask for assistance in swapping out the material but here is a quick tutorial on how to do so: First release whatever material is in the machine by unlocking the […]

Leather Laser Etching

Today Lou from POD and Max learned about etching with leather and prototyping to make the perfect measurement. We used a board to make sure the measurements of the laser were just right.  Of course, we prototyped the process first!   From here, we ran a test… Once we were happy with the product and the […]

leather and brass tag—the making of

Needed supplies: Laser Cutter Leather Scraps Sheet of Brass Spray Adhesive Instructions: 1. Be sure to make your cut lines .001 pt, with a raster speed of 100% and a power of 30% and a bottom-up engrave direction. 2. Cut your leather so that one (1) right angle can fit into the top-left corner of […]

Little Prince Embroidery Pattern

  The Little Prince is a poetic tale, with watercolour illustrations by the author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, in which a pilot stranded in the desert meets a young prince fallen to Earth from a tiny asteroid. The story is philosophical and includes social criticism, remarking on the strangeness of the adult world. We are recreating a version […]

Prototyping with MFA POD

Prototyping! Today, we spent a little time working with laser cutting with Adam & Tahnee  and learned a great lesson of why we prototype and how to use the tools to learn about the process! You can see from the edge of the “badge here” that Adam and Tahnee learned about etching/rastering to the edge of the […]

Exciting Projects made at the VFL

Inspiring projects from MFA Design Students, class of 2016 made here at VFL. Their assignment was to design a board game using type faces. It was extraordinary to see how enthusiastic they’ve approached this project. The level of craft, design considerations and documentation was really exceptional. Collectively, they explored the capabilities of VFL and turned […]