Pneumatic Palm Nailer

A palm nailer is a convenient way to drive nails without using a hammer or a framing nail gun. The nailer fits in the palm of your hand and uses compressed air to drive the nails.

  • Specifications:
    • Model PN650 with Glove
    • Opperating Pressure: 50 – 120 psi
    • Use with 6d – 16d flat head nails & 3d – 8d finish nails & 20d – 70d common nails/spikes & more.
  • Safety:
    • Never point the tool at yourself or others in the lab.
  • Usage:
    • Preparing the Palm Nailer for use:
      • Insert the end of the air compressor hose into the nipple or inlet on the back end of the palm nailer.
      • Attach appropriate nail guide or hammer attachment. (ask if unsure which attachment to use or how to change)
    • Nailing:
      • Orientate nail with point down and insert into the nail guide.
      • Position point of nail in the desired location and push down on the tool. The tool will begin cycling and driving the fastener.
      • Maintain pressure down on the palm nailer until the nail is completely driven into the wood. Repeat this step for every nail that you need to finish the project.
    • Pressure:
      • Tool designed to operate between 50 – 120 psi.