Mindeas by Mansi Gupta

      Mansi Gupta began with a discarded exfoliant package and explored kits aimed at relaxation and renewal A loose “card diary” focused on mindfulness and reflection A line of greeting cards acknowledging overwork and stress

Plus Stool by Clay Kippen

Clay Kippen began with a discarded subway metrocard Parts for a DIY perching “stool” for inside and outside subway stations An alternate approach: Tagging an image in “seating deserts”—areas devoid of places to sit  

Crop by Charlotta Hellichius

Charlotta Hellichius began with a discarded Zico package Explored the notion of using coconut shells as a building material Translated, as well as combined, all the rituals that the coconut tree embodies into a product. Her project became these two ladders that when overlaid, create one full set of steps.