Affirming Artifacts Class

Affirming Artifacts: Highlights from the 5-Week Course In the Affirming Artifacts class—a 5-week course taught by department chair Allan Chochinov, students were asked to “redesign the next thing you throw out.” This could be anything from a piece of food packaging to a Word document, and the students embraced the assignment with rigor and wit. Early assignments […]

Jay by Damon Ahola

Damon Ahola began by discarding a Band-Aid… Then created several sheets of ideation drawings Investigated various ideas for prototypes (here we see bandage “tape”) And a Post-It bandage Ultimately settling on a first aid caddy aimed at children (rapid prototyped in this photo) That comes along with an educational booklet (renderings in this photo) A […]

Shine by Cassandra Michel

  Cassandra Michel explored take-out coffee, and items to help people keep alert. She settled on exploring the notion of “power naps” and designed a device equipped with LED lights to slowly wake up the wearer In use Along with an app that let’s the user define nap duration and color of LEDs

Bagl by Sam Moore

  Sam Moore began with a paper bag from a bagel purchase and was quickly inspired by how bagels are displayed in store windows Turning the rope into a bag And a comp for a website

bag.uette by Gaïa Orain

Gaïa Orain discarded a paper baguette bag and began mapping Reimagined line of bags and accessories for transporting bread and other foodstuffs Created a line of customizable cut-and-sew food pouch patterns And the resultant pouch

Mindeas by Mansi Gupta

      Mansi Gupta began with a discarded exfoliant package and explored kits aimed at relaxation and renewal A loose “card diary” focused on mindfulness and reflection A line of greeting cards acknowledging overwork and stress