Disc Sander

The material is sat on a front bench that can be adjusted to various angles. It can be used for rough or fine sanding depending on the sanding grit used.

  • Safety:
    • Do not wear gloves while using the sander.
    • Tie back your hair if it is long.
    • Do not wear loose, dangling clothing.
    • All of the above may get caught in the tool, and get wrapped up in it.
  • Usage:
    • Hold your material firmly down against the table. Feed it into the sander.
    • Always use the right hand side of the table, as the disc spins clock wise. If you use the other side of the table, the rotation of the disc will want to force the work off the table and potential out of your hands.
    • Do not force it, but apply pressure keep the material both down against the table and against the sander.
    • Keep the material moving; do not sand only on one small part of the disk (being mindful to stay on the right side of the table).
    • An angle adjustable guide fence is also available to help sand your material down to the desired angle.
    • A lower number grit will be more abrasive and leave a rougher finish, a large number grit will leave a nicer finish and be less abrasive. Ask a staff member to replace the sanding disc if necessary.