Circular Saws

Milwaukee 7 1/4″ Circular Saw

  • Specifications:
    • Motor: 5800 RPM
    • Blade Size: 7 1/4″
    • Arbor Size: 5/8″
    • Maximum Bevel Capacity: 50°
    • Depth of Cut at 90°: up to 2 7/16”
    • Depth of Cut at 45°: up to 1 13/16”
    • Depth of Cut at 50°: up to 1 11/16”
    • Blade Side: Right

Festool Circular Saw

  • Specifications:
    • coming soon
  • Usage:
    • Setting blade depth:
      • The blade should go lower than the material you will cut, but not by much, 1/4″ maximum.
        • Any more than that increased the chances of the blade getting bound in the material and kicking back.
    • The blade should reach its maximum speed before being driven into the material.
    • Do not force the saw through the cut, but guide it using both hands.
      • If you are trying to cut a straight line and end up curving, start your cut again and do not attempt to swish back to the line.
    • When cutting, whenever possible, support the large portion of the material (on sawhorses, or a table, etc).
      • Never support both ends of the material while cutting through the middle.
    • Let the cut end fall, do not try to grab it or support it while cutting.
    • Watch out for knots in the wood that are in the line of your cut, they may break free and shoot out.
  • Tips:
    • Avoiding ragging:
      • Your cut will always rag and splinter on the top of your material. Make sure the nice side of your material is face down.
      • If both sides need to look good, you can scribe your cutting line with a knife to help pre-break the material, or put a piece of duct tape over where you will be cutting.