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Wood Turning in the VFL!

  Very nice work form Products of Design first year Julia who lathed her very first wood turned candle stick! The wood lathe is one of the most overlooked machines in the VFL but is one of the most artistic and therapeutic. So if you’re interested in trying it out come chat to us!

Hacking a Clock mechanisim

PoD second Year Richard Clarkson hacking a clock mechanism. Turn’s out the thing that drives the clock is very similar to a tiny we motor, so you can use small alternating pulses to speed up, slow down or stop the hands of the clock. Code and more documentation here:    

Problems with Neo-Pixels?

Many of the PoD first years students in the Making Class have been experiencing difficulties understanding how to understand the code for Neo-Pixels. So I have created a very basic Neo-Pixel Blink sketch which can be downloaded here. This can be used simply to gain a better understanding of the Neo-Pixel Code or to use […]

3D Shopboting

After a few tests routing 3D forms out of BlueFoam, the Shopbot is generating better and better results. These images follow the cutting process of a test file by PoD student Richard Clarkson. Setting up the file is similar to the process you would go through for a 2D job with only a few more […]

Arduino Workshop #2 Wrap up.

Saturday the 8th saw the 2nd of a 2 part Arduino Workshop series. In the previous workshop students were given an introduction to the arduino environment, coding for the arduino and setting up sensors. Those who attended part 2 learned about transistors, DC Motors, Stepper Motors and Servos. Leif also gave a quick introduction to Max MSP & Processing and the opportunities to create truly interactive designs. While this tutorial covered […]

Arduino Workshop #1 Wrap-up

Last Saturday was the first of two Arduino Workshops in the VFL. Leif  Mangelsen lead the workshop covering:  Getting setup in the Arduino environment  Building a simple circuit  Getting comfortable with the coding environment  Digital input & Digital output  Analog input & Analog output  Sensors  Trouble shooting One of the things Leif mentioned was that “it’s not necessary to know […]